fic - YGO! YamiYugi -- Stupid Crush

For Spirit618 :) Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Anime - YuGiOh!
Pairing- Yami/Yugi one-sided
Warning - Yaoi, crush, OOC-ness, girly

Stupid Crush.

Yugi has never felt so uncomfortable around Yami before. They have been friends for a long, long time. The two are not only almost identical, but inseparable.

But that was as ‘friends’ kind of inseparable, not even a tint of romance in it.

It’s weird enough that you’re in love with your best friend, but they are both boys and they have nearly the exact same look.

There’s a saying that there are one to two people who looks almost exactly like you in the world. It may be the one in a million chance that two can meet, not to mention the two are classmates, and Yami lives just right next to him.

Yugi looks into the mirror, and blushed deeply. He has never felt so narcissistic in his whole life, being hopelessly in love with someone who looks very, very similar to him.
It’s not hard to tell the two apart, since Yami has a slightly different hairstyle, as in three of his golden strands of hair sticks up. Heck, they even have the same weird hair colors and spiky hair.

Yami has sharper features while Yugi’s is soft.

Yami is slightly taller and muscular.

Yami has very pretty hands.

Yami’s cocky smirk is the most charming thing in the whole wide world.

Yami’s voice is deeper and way hotter.

Yami’s collarbone is nice…. Very nice.

Yugi’s blush darkens, his face heated and scarlet in color. Purple eyes gazed at his own reflection, thinking of the owner of those dark ruby eyes.

Oh God, not only is he being gay for his best friend, but he is acting like a preteen girl with a huge crush. How can this get any more embarrassing.

Oh, the shame! Jounichi will joke about this till the day he gets three feet under, Yugi is sure about that.

Yugi can feel his eyes getting wet and hot. It’s already awkward that he is having romantic feelings for a friend, but a GUY. He’d hate that Yami would freak out, and that may be the end of their friendship that he treasures, and so does Yami.

It’s bad enough that Yugi knows that this ‘romance’ will get nowhere but a bad ending, but his feelings for Yami makes him feel guilty. It’s as if he’s betraying him. And at some point, he is. He is betraying Yami’s friendship, his trust.

Yugi is disgusted. His insides are flipping and he feels like throwing up. The wetness from his eyes slides down his face.

If only I was a girl.

Things would be different. Or maybe so different that they would never meet.

Yugi has never hated himself this much. What a stupid thought.

Everything’s fine right now. It’s just a stupid crush.

And he will never, ever let something like this get between him and Yami. Never.

Yugi forces a smile. He stands up and wipes his tears.

He still has to go downstairs and play card games with Yami.

對不起遲了對不起虐了對不起OOC了大姊我對不起您!!! :'-(


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